Steve Trumbly
Romantic and Characteristic European Home Plan Design At It's Very Best

The pictures you see on these pages is a small sample of my product which spans  30 years of operating my own Design/Build business. My
passion and love of fine European design and the time to do so encouraged me to concentrate on home plan design only. As you look at some of these pictures notice the various use of materials, methods, scale & proportion all of which are of the highest priority in creating a characteristic European home plan design that truly seems reminiscent of the past & fit for a canvas. The most important element in creating a characteristic European house plan is the natural artistic talent that an individual is either gifted with or not. My many years of building homes I created has been extremely beneficial & helpful from a technical point, but without the natural artistic ability & passion for fine & characteristic European design my product would not have had the level of success, accolades, media (both print & tv) and awards, that I was fortunate enough to receive. My interest and specialty run from cottage to estate size so please contact me regarding your home plan design. Sincerely!
Steve Trumbly
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